Combat Arms: Reloaded | The Haunted Ground

THE HAUNTED GROUND Event Period: October 13 - November 2, 2021 Acquire Halloween Medals by playing the game while equipped with cosmetics! You can acquire at least 1 EA per 2 minutes of game play, or you can equip the Zodiac Cosmetics to boost your acquisition rate to 1 EA CONTINUE READING

AirFUN 魔法学园

The unknown is always fascinating.?   Join <School of Witchcraft> to explore the magic world. The witch and wizard cast the spell and a miracle happened! <School of Witchcraft > becomes more mysterious.   To discover the magic this way?   Where to Buy Multi Game Card - Click CONTINUE READING

​AirFUN Game News《Lucky Express》

(Caleta Game Onboard) <Lucky Express> is taking off.?   Please take your seat and fasten your seatbelt. The luxurious lucky express is about to take off! Enjoy this journey of prize together.? Get on now ?   Where to Buy Multi Game Card - Click HERE.   For more CONTINUE READING