MapleStory Global – Challenge the New Boss: Seren!

Prepare for an adventure across a vast desert where Hotel Arcus lies! With this new addition to Grandis, a new Sacred Symbol will be available! New boss, Seren, also becomes available to fight, but be cautious of the challenge that awaits. Requirement: Lv. 265 and above (Zero characters must have CONTINUE READING

Mabinogi: Troubadour’s Box

Sale Dates: Thursday, July 15th, After Maintenance - Thursday, August 12th, Before Maintenance Become a bard with the new Troubadour set! Do you hear that, Milletian? The sound of music playing in the far distance. Each box comes with a random set of Music Renown Seals and one item from CONTINUE READING

Eudemons Online: Summer Event – Conquer the Sea

There are countless treasures buried in the sea. The summer activity of 2021 officially sets sail! From July 15 to August 25, heroes (≥ level 90) will receive a Swift Clipper Halter, plus gifts for upgraded ships!   Don't wait! Join Eudemons Online via Multi Game Card now!   Where CONTINUE READING