BlackShot Global: Operation Fractured Battalion

Begin the new year with a bang, thanks to an assortment of new weapons, new character and more emblems and callsigns.   Join BlackShot Online via Multi Game Card now!   How to Recharge via MGC - Click HERE. Where to Buy Multi Game Card - Click HERE.   Related CONTINUE READING

Atlantica Online: 13th Anniversary

The season of sharing keeps on giving as we celebrate our very own Atlantica Online Anniversary! Gather up those fireworks, feast to your heart’s content, and prepare for AO’s Anniversary festivities! This year 2021 the anniversary event will start on January 21, 2021. Atlantica Online hosting a variety of exciting CONTINUE READING

Riders of Icarus: Frozen Winter Season Event!

Uhhhh sir, there’s a giant snowman in the plaza, I know it’s not an urgent issue, but there might be something wrong. The Mages have reported magic signatures from this Snowman, but it’s not only one and we think there might be a conflict coming if we don’t resolve this CONTINUE READING